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Changsin-dong and Chang-sin Creative House 

There is a landscape in Changsin-dong 

near Dongdaemun which looks as if 

it is about to change, however, it does not.

The tall modern buildings near the station 

are screened by a quiet alleyway 

surrounded by hanoks and old houses.

In an alley where time seems to have stopped, 

there is a Chang-sin Creative House 

which makes its own history.


CHAPTER 1 | Changshin-dong House (2012) 

Changsin-dong is a neighborhood 

where you can still sense the atmosphere 

of the 1970s and 1980s.

From a busy main street, 

an alley turns into a calm and serene atmosphere 

as if it had never been exposed.

Built-in the 1930s, 

this house reflects the history of the area. 

The host was born and raised in the house.

Memories and affection were melted in 

every corner of the Changsin-dong House, 

but it gradually began to fall into disrepair.


CHAPTER 2 | Chang-sin Creative House (2013-2021)

When the Korean traditional house in Changsin-dong, 

which had been maintained for many years, 

began to accumulate a greater amount of vacant time in 2012, 

the host ultimately made the decision to alter the house.


(Chang-sin Giji, also known as Chang-sin Creative House)

means a house that inspires creativity.

The name was derived from the two syllables

at the end of the "法古創新 (Beopgo Changsin)", 

which is an idiom phrase for preserving the old and creating new.

During construction, Chang-sin Creative House was used as

both a studio on weekdays and a rental home on weekends, 

and it was able to be reborn as a space 

with a great deal of inspiration and storytelling.


CHAPTER 3 | Chang-sin Creative House with Cha Cha Tea Club (2022~)

A total of eight years of time and experience have 

already been accumulated here.

As the surrounding landscape has changed, 

so has our perspective.

The newly prepared Chang-sin Creative House 

will be introduced for the third time in 2022.



A Cozy Hideout for Us 

Chang-sin Creative House's time is a little more intimate.

 Now is the time to share your thoughts, talk, 

and rest with the people you are with.

 In the hideout in Changsin-dong 

where the scenery is preserved,

we feel as if we are the only ones

in this comfortable environment.



Bedroom Space 

The workspace of the creator has been transformed 

into a cozy and subtle environment.

There is a sense of private space created by 

the arrangement of the bedroom and dining table, 

where you can focus on time with each other.



Bathroom Space 

The small foot bath, located on one side of the courtyard, 

has been transformed into a spacious bath 

in which you can enjoy wider warmth.

There is something special about 

the quiet and tranquil setting 

we enjoy on the water.



Kitchen Space 

There is a cozy kitchen space in the creator's space 

where different people can gather and exchange ideas.

The whole process of brewing tea and 

preparing food is very pleasant.


With the space experience 

provided by Chang-sin Creative House,

It’s wishing you a relaxing rest.


tea ceremony
Tea Ceremony  行茶

generated by Cha Cha Tea Club

Tea is the medium through which we convey our experiences.

As if you were brewing tea and filling a teacup, 

fill your mind with relaxation and warmth.

Cha Cha Tea Club's guide will accompany you 

during the tea ceremony so that you can experience 

the ceremony step by step.


our warmth
A Feeling of Warmth

As soon as you start filling up the wide bathtub, 

warm water vapor begins to rise.

It is not only the body that feels the warmth of warm water, 

but also the heart.

The warmth delivered here today is our own.


Seeing One Another

It is a quiet sky 

that sits above the courtyard and can be observed.

Feel the quiet space 

and the pace of slow contemplation. 

Perhaps looking at it carefully is a sign of affection.


Passing through the alley in Changsin-dong 
and closing the gate here, 
a new space is revealed.


This is the place that was once someone's old home 

and a place that inspired new generations

It has now been reborn as a space that provides comfort.


Our view outside is vast, 

and this is something we remember forever,

 a comfortable rest period.


Through the warmth 

that is transmitted throughout the space, 

it fills the heart.


Here, you can experience the moment of focusing on each other.

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Number of guests |  2 people (maximum of 2 people)
Queen size bed 1
Indoor bathtub, robes
 TV, Bluetooth speaker, tea set
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Please join us for a calm time, 
where we can be face to face

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